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Providing the following valuable Services:

Ø Safety and Security Surveys

Ø Hourly Consultation on Safety, Security, Background and Electronic Measures

Ø Safety and Security Related Newsletters, Website Resident Relations Programs, Seminars and ‘Townhall’ type resident interaction meetings.

Ø Physical Security and Safety Patrols

Ø Civil & Criminal Investigations, including defense of accidents, fall downs, etc.

Ø Background Investigations and Vetting for Staff, Prospective Tenants, Vendors and Contractors.

Ø Electronic Measures and Countermeasures including CCTV and detection.

Ø Complete Client Access of Schedules, Reports, Trends and Results through and interactive website in real time.




Our society has just about eliminated morals & principles.

Crime, Delinquency, & Lack of Concern for the property of others have increased well beyond the point of normal control,to the level of anxiety.

Law Enforcement Agencies have been less & less available to respond to "Crimes Against Property" & directing their limited resources to "Crimes Against People"

There are three main reasons for this:

Most Property is Insured Today

Political Decisions to Limit or Reduce Tax Revenues/Expenditures in all Areas

Government Cannot Afford More Police as Salaries/Benefits/Costs Exceed $100,000.00 Per Officer Per Year

Our combined 'SORA' Trained and Certified Security Officers and Investigator's under 
(NJ STATE TITLE 45:19-9) grants us the following relevant authority:

PARA 1 > Investigate crimes or wrong done or threatened to have been done against the US Government, or any State Government

PARA 5 > Act to locate & recover lost or stolen property

PARA 6 > Investigate the origin of, or responsibility for, fires, accidents, damage, injuries or losses to persons, firms or corporations, or to real or personal property

PARA 8 > Investigations with respect to the conduct, honesty, efficiency, loyalty, or activities of employees or agents

•Additionally, the securing of evidence to be used before any investigating committee or in any civil or criminal cause a
•The protection of persons or property for any purpose whatsoever
•Access to Motor Vehicle & Criminal Records, Massive Database Information


Place Your Safety and Security In Our Hands

Task Force I & I, LLC, is a Licensed Security and Detective Agency regulated by the New Jersey State Police and has been in operation for over 20 years.

Providing a fiscally stable and secure work environment keeps our employee morale at its highest. This is fundamentally important to you, the client, in order to make you sure that you are receiving a confident, enthusiastic, professional and eager staff member at your workplace. Staff retention rate is extremely high which is important to the client.

Training is provided to staff members in both the classroom and practical settings so that you know you are receiving the highest level of service and personnel in the industry. All staff is New Jersey State SORA Certified. Training of our staff also boosts morale in the ranks as our staff knows exactly what is expected of them as well as instilling confident proactive and reactive response to mostly any situation. Simply knowing what to do and when, makes the employee a proud member of the staff willing to provide excellence in their position. Our extensive resources keep our staff well informed through a wide variety of “in service” training to all of our employees on a continuing basis. Well trained, well informed and well treated.

Task Force I & I, LLC is a privately held entity which answers FIRST to you, the client, rather then to shareholders looking at the bottom line. We provide the service that you are searching for, expecting and need, to secure your assets.

We provide stationed and roving Commercial Protective Services to a wide variety of residential and corporate locations having the responsibility of providing safety and security to over 100,000 individuals on a daily basis. A regional leader in such service.

Our staff tends to be professionals in the industry although a small percentage are as equally interested in attaining a Law Enforcement position in their future. Thus their attitude, behavior and mindset is that of a potential Police Officer. This increases their enthusiasm, seriousness and dedication to the job.

You, the client, benefit greatly from this mindset, as you are either being serviced by an individual who is long term, having a great sense of pride, or someone wanting to grow into a Law Enforcement position who is willing to demonstrate their skills in advance of that next occupational venture.

Impeccable References Furnished Upon Request

Residential Property Owners & Management Companies
Commercial & Industrial Locations, (Rented and Owned)
Law Firms
Finance Companies
Fortune 500 Corporations
Faith Based Organization & Events

.........round out our performance portfolio.