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Providing the following valuable Services:

Ø Comprehensive (Pre-Sale) Identity Verification Service

Ø Professional Acceptance, Assignment and Execution of Recovery Services

Ø Prompt & Factual Updates of our repossession efforts while in process

Ø Immediate Notification of Successful Repossessions

Ø Safe and Secure storage of collateral and debtor’s property

Ø Delivery of collateral to auction, dealership or other requested location

Ø Professional and diplomatic debtor claim process

Ø Highly skilled and intensive ‘Skip Tracing’ abilities if needed

Ø Detailed Condition Reports formatted to your own needs and requirements

Ø As a NJ State Licensed Detective & Security Agency;
We also offer stationed or roving facility patrol services during off hours

How We Work

Upon receipt, Task Force (a 24 hour operation) will immediately assign the repossession out to a trained investigator already in the field.

Be assured that a professional with the necessary investigative training is searching for your collateral. Not a tow truck operator. No offense to them, they just are not trained.

Our staff has full statutory authority in New Jersey to conduct investigations and therefore has the access and ability to fully pursue many areas and avenues that a standard recovery agent or towing service cannot even imagine.

Our fees include basic investigative techniques such as DMV Records, Social Security Number Searches, Phone CNA Information, Trap Lines and Database Technology.


Once located, the collateral will be recovered by an experienced and trained agent or investigator. The handling of the actual recovery is crucial to the legal process and best performed by a legal professional. If contact either occurs or is necessary, the conduct and demeanor of the Recovery Agent dictates the entire outcome.


After recovery, a detailed condition report is recorded and a complete inventory of the collateral is conducted, any personal property is listed and secured. The unit is stored at a secured location awaiting delivery to auction or dealership.


Task force maintains a success rate in excess of 98% while ordinary recovery services are far below that. The key to our success is the professional conduct of our agents and investigators.

Our ability to utilize contacts, field interviews as well as good detective work to locate and secure collateral, results in obtaining access and information where others fail.

Often times, contact with debtor is made, keys to unit obtained and a current address forwarded with our reports in the event of future litigation against the debtor.


Comprehensive (Pre-Sale) Identity Verification Service (For Buy Here-Pay Here Dealers)

This Instant Service allows you to submit to our office by fax or email the applicant’s Name, Social Security Number, Date of Birth and Address they provided.
We verify that information is valid, correct and accurate.
This greatly assists you at the time of sale in measuring the integrity of the applicant and it greatly assists us in the repossession process.

This service is similar to a landlord conducting a ‘Tenant Screening’ and also similarly, the cost is passed onto the applicant.
It is quite simple, the $35 cost is charged as an application fee to the applicant. It’s non-refundable and utilized for verification purposes.
We have found that this also acts as a deterrent for an applicant attempting all types of fraud whether it ID Theft, Falsifying an Application or ‘Straw Purchases’.
This fee can be increased by you to the consumer to cover your own costs in the processing of an application.
We understand you run a credit report on the individual and most likely the ‘Buy Here – Pay Here’ customer is considered a sub-prime candidate.
This is an additional way to secure your collateral once it has left your dealership. It costs you nothing and provides peace of mind once the sale is completed.
This service is so thorough that any subsequent repossession of a vehicle from an applicant submitted to this service will result in a $35 reduction in the recovery charges to you. They pay, yet you receive the discount if a repossession is ordered.

Experience the difference of Task Force I & I, LLC  – Collateral Recovery at its finest!